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Charmaine Richter

Every REALTOR® will tell you they have the best customer service skills, are the best at building relationships, have the most diverse marketing plan and are a highly-skilled negotiator. For some REALTORS® this is truly the case.


When Charmaine made the decision to leave her highly successful career as a Senior Executive, Director of Sales & Marketing in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry to join the highly-energetic world of Residential Real Estate, she knew she had to stand out above the pack. Charmaine has spent the past twenty years learning how to listen and understand the true needs of what people are looking for. Using those skills, Charmaine has the proven track record of what is means to create a truly, unforgettable experience for everyone she has crossed paths with. From sponsoring major charitable events to creating intimate moments for a weekend getaway, Charmaine has always worked diligently to ensure all details of every interaction are taken care of.

 If you want to truly understand the power of what one woman can do, just watch Charmaine in action. Her former colleague and assistant of 10 years will tell you, “open the gates and get out of the way, there is nothing Charmaine is a force to be reckoned with. She will move mountains to ensure a client is happy and the experience is memorable”. Quoted Juanita Heap, Former Sales & Events Coordinator, Copper Point Resort.

 Charmaine has an uncanny ability to not only connect with you on a personal level but it is her endearing quality that immediately makes you feel at ease and creates a bond of trust. This is an intrinsic quality that Charmaine possesses is what has made her career in Real Estate flourish as it allows for her clients to invite her along to join them in what is the most important decision in people’s life, buying and selling their home.

 “Charmaine has helped me with several projects and would always make sure she understood my needs. She goes above and beyond to ensure the success of the projects. Her diligence and hard work meant that I trusted her to make the best deals for everyone involved, and that led to some strong long-term partnerships.” Keith Morrison, Morrison Communications.

 In 2019 when Charmaine was awarded and recognized as one of the Top Ten Business People in the Kootenay Rockies, it was due in large part of her ability to grow the business. In a developing destination, the only way to grow a business is by forming relationships and building trust and that is one of Charmaine’s top strengths. Her innate ability to communicate effectively, offer something her clients want, handle all situations and create win-win situations, is what made her stand out among the Top Ten and that same year she was nominated as one of the Most Influential Females in Business in the Kootenays.

 “I treat people how I want to be treated. I always have. Always professional never pretentious. I laugh loud when it’s appropriate, smile lots and will do all the heavy lifting for you. Most importantly, I have fun. Residential Real Estate, regardless if it is for your personal home or an investment it is a huge decision and can a stressful time. This is where I thrive. I will take the brunt of the pain staking details of the real estate transaction which will allow you to enjoy this experience. This should be a fun, exciting, exhilarating time. You should enjoy this”. Charmaine’s approach and promise to you!


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Charmaine Richter

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